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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Jacob turned 13 this year, is in 8th grade and likes math, science and his foods class. He played 8th grade Caveman Football as wide receiver and corner back.  We had a great season of warm weather. No cold games, it was incredible!  He has become a great scuba diver and we dove again in the Caribbean for spring break.  Jacob also likes skateboarding and practices tricks everyday wearing out shoes faster than I can buy new ones.  His favorite colors are teal and gray.  Favorite food- sushi. Favorite TV Show: Cake Boss.

Elise graduates this April from BYU with a BA in English and a Design Minor.  She changed her major the beginning of junior year and has worked hard to finish with new requirements.  She has a great talent for writing.  An English major requires two years of a foreign language, so she now has a very nice Italian accent and has done exceptionally well picking up the language, acing her classes and finals. Elise is a research assistant for a professor at the Harold B. Lee Library in Special Collections.  She recently started major audio visual work which has been challenging, but a great learning experience and resume addition.  Her dad and I are constantly impressed at her work ethic and talent and picking up new skills quickly! She has a quick wit and is our family's comic relief.

Lynn and I are grateful for two healthy happy children.  We count our blessing everyday for them. We enjoyed fun vacations, weekend get a ways and date nights together.  We celebrated our 28th anniversary and  Lynn celebrated 25 years at Novell Inc. this year.  His career has been a wonderful experience for growth and opportunity.  He seems to excel at everything he does and is greatly valued there. Novell has been very good to him and we are grateful for that.  He was released from Stake High Council this year and after being away from our ward for 11 years, he was called into the YM's presidency and works with Jacob in Deacons Quorum.  He LOVES it!  I was released from Stake Primary after 7 years, it was hard to leave incredible friends I loved and served with, but we keep in touch!  I teach Gospel Doctrine and it has been a wonderful (sometimes overwhelming) experience.  I am grateful for new insights I've learned in Old Testament this year.

Most of all, we are thankful for our Savior and the knowledge of eternal families and importance of covenants.  We are thankful for family and good friend we love.  That is truly a blessed life. 

Christmas Time

Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert 2014

Neighbor Gifts


Christmas Packaging is the most fun packaging...

Study Treats for finals week- delivered to BYU :)

Christmas Season 2014

15th Annual Neighborhood Christmas Party Luminary Walk

Lynn does a great job with the hay ride every year, one of the favorite things for the kids.

 Reunion Christmas Dinner with Stake Primary Presidency at La Jolla Groves

 Our Elf shows up every few days- just for laughs... We're not one of the elf haters, we get a kick out of him every year.

 Done and Done...

 Winter Sunrise

Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride! Except we had no snow!!!  We need some- now.  Still a great time, with hot chocolate, donuts from mom and dad and games.

 Park City had a bit of snow, so that was great...
 Craft Projects!!  Elise's amazing free hand art work

Taste of Christmas Foods Class (RS)

Girl's Weekend in Park City/Midway

Some of our girls had to cancel, so we invited Grandpa to come too, and Julianne met up with us later. A fun relaxing weekend getting jump start on Christmas shopping :)

This year we said goodbye to Addy our cat of 15 years

Addy was deteriorating through the fall and we made the hard decision to have her put to sleep right before Thanksgiving.  It was hard for all of us, she was a part of our family. We miss her.  We still have Lucy, who is lively and fun, but seemed a bit lost for several weeks with Addy gone.